The Smith House

Craig Ellwood • 1958 • Brentwood, California

Sigma fp L • Nikon Nikkor 50mm f/1.8
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Carport from the street

Made the trip to Craig Ellwood’s Smith House in Crestwood Hills. Was very excited to finally step inside an Ellwood design & this one did not disappoint. Feels a little like an apartment plucked from a downtown high-rise and dropped onto the hills of Brentwood — minimal almost to the point of monastic, though I love the way the landscape has grown onto the house, little branches curling around the blue steel frame. Back in 1958 the hills were treeless, but today it’s a treehouse. And an expensive one! Deft timing to put an Ellwood on the market right after Chris Pratt destroyed Ellwood’s Zimmerman House not too far from here.

Porch wall
Looking northwest
Looking southwest
Carport meets house
Jalousie looking out to ocean
Looking southwest closer
Looking west from second bedroom
Under the porch

Originally posted: 2024-05-15