Bella Vista Terrace

Irving Gill • 1910 • Sierra Madre, California

Sigma fp L • Canon TS-E 45mm f/2.8
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Southwest corner again

Caught some nice late afternoon at Irving Gill’s Bella Vista Terrace (1910) in Sierra Madre. A row of jacaranda trees on the treelawn were casting lovely shadows onto the western elevation. I used “treelawn” there because this building was commissioned by a fellow Clevelander who moved out west — someone who surely would’ve known I’m talking about the bit of land between the street and the sidewalk.


To read more about Gill, checkout his page on There’s also a nicely illustrated article on Irving Gill here. And of course there’s always Esther McCoy’s Five California Architects.

Looking north
The southeast corner of the southwest corner
Window detail
Shadows above the arched gate
Shadows on the western elevation
Looking north again
Looking north along western elevation once again
Shadows on the southwest corner
A synoptic view of the western elevation, looking north
A synoptic view of the western elevation, looking north

Originally posted: 2024-05-01